Aero North is made up of an external board with all the investors including The Managing Director, external advisors, office personnel, and flight workers.

Aero North was founded in 2019 by a group of people who saw the potential and the need for an alternative service provider in Copenhagen Airport.

Aero North has adopted the LEAN principle where our core competency is internal flight cleaning upon arrival at Copenhagen Airport, thus we are an ever so adapting company that delivers other services in addition.

The success of our company relies on the strength of our employees. As a service business, our employees are the largest and most important assets we have, which is why we value a good internal work environment and great training. The success of our company truly does rely on the strength of the people we employ.
Our mission is to provide excellent service, high quality, and reliability that drive innovation and improve performance.

Our values are quality, punctuality, efficiency, and innovation.

Our vision is to be our client’s first choice, as they as well, value good service, high quality, and reliability. We deliver this through human understanding, a positive attitude, a high priority of health and safety, an expectation of high service standards, quality control, flexibility, punctuality, and zero damage tolerance.

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